Class Schedule: Court and medical interpreting classes

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Become a court or medical certified interpreter.

Armenian court interpreting class

Mandarin medical interpreting class with Jia Wei

Spanish court interpreting class

First Quarter 2018

Korean court simultaneous interpreting  Sat 9-12 (Starting 1/13-3/17) $590

Korean court sight translation Sat 1-4 $590
Korean medical interpreting Tuesdays  7-10pm (Starting 1/9-3/13)$890
Mandarin court interpreting  Sat 9-12 (Starting 1/13-3/17) $590
Mandarin medical interpreting Sat 1-4 (Starting 1/13-3/17) $890
Spanish court interpreting Tuesdays 7-10pm (Starting 1/16-3/20) $590
Spanish medical interpreting Thursdays 7-10pm(Starting 1/18-3/22) $890
Arabic court interpreting Wednesdays 7-10pm (Starting 1/17-3/21) $590
Arabic medical interpreting  Thursdays 7-10pm (Starting 1/18-3/22) $890
Armenian court interpreting Wednesdays 7-10pm (Starting 1/17-3/21) $590
Armenian medical interpreting Mondays 7-10pm (Starting 1/15-3/19) $890